Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pregnancy part 2

I will interject some posts about the boys as I continue to tell the pregnancy saga :) They are almost 4 months old, I can't believe it!

When I last left you, it was April Fool's Day and Randy and I had found out we were having twins. At this point, very few people knew I was pregnant. In fact, no one in our family and most of our friends did not even know we were trying to conceive. It worked well for us, and we never felt any pressure while trying.

But, the excitement and the shock changed our strict "no telling until the second trimester" rule. Randy wanted to tell his parents that night and called them to tell them we wanted to go out to dinner. I told my lead teacher at school who was so excited, she asked if she could show the sonogram picture to anyone I was willing to tell, lol.

I waited until April 2 to tell my mother. She lives in another state, so I would have to tell her on the phone, and since she had no idea I had been trying to conceive, I knew she would never believe me on April Fool's Day. I called her the next morning and asked if she was sitting down. Then I told her I was pregnant...she kept saying "what?" I told her I wasn't finished yet, asked her if she was still sitting down and told her about the twins. I believe her response was "If this is an April Fool's Joke, I will kick your butt all the way from Texas to California!" Then, she handed the phone to my step dad so she could cry.

Our next step was the 12 week appointment for our nuchal translucency (fancy name for the sonogram to check for birth defects). After that is where it gets complicated!

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