Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pregnancy part 3

Due to my advanced maternal age (that just doesn't get old to make fun of) I opted to have a nuchal translucency versus an amniocentisis.  Basically, my perinatologist took some blood and had it tested, as well as performs a sonogram and measures the folds on the neck of the babies to check for genetic issues.
The sonogram was cool.  My doctor had a HUGE screen in her office, so I got to see my little gummy bears on a big screen.  It was amazing.  They were squirming around but did not give us any hints on gender...Booooo!
All went well with the screen and we were not worried about Down's Syndrome or any of the Trisomy defects.  At 16 weeks, I went into my ob's office for another routine sonogram.  I told my in utero children that they were welcome to show off their "stuff" this time, and it was likely the only time I would ever give them that permission.
Amazingly enough, they cooperated quite well.  Almost right away, our tech said "Baby A is a boy"  (Baby A was QUITE proud of his boyhood!) a minute or so later, she said "Baby B is a boy as well!"
Two boys.
Oh Lord...I was outnumbered in the gender category.  My house was going to be filled with 3 males...and the testosterone overload.
I was so excited.  And yes, I cried again...seriously, the crying thing was getting old.  I am not a crier, but the pregnancy hormones were having a field day with my emotions.
We had one name for a boy, we needed to come up with another one.  And now I could get the adorable blue cribs from IKEA we had loved. 
Then we went over the other results with my ob.  She told us she was concerned about the fluid levels around Baby B.  We needed to go back to the perinatologist for another sonogram (a better software) to check.  A certain discrepancy could indicate something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.
And here is where our fun began.

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