Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pregnancy part 4

Twin to Twin transfusion Syndrome is basically a placental disorder. The babies share multiple blood vessels in their placenta. One baby gets the bulk of the nutrients, grows much bigger, and gets surrounded by a swimming pool of amniotic fluid. The second baby gets far less nutrients and gets shrink wrapped in his amniotic sac. If left untreated, the smaller baby perishes due to lack of nutrition and organs shutting down. The bigger baby also will not survive due to his heart working too hard to process nutrients.

You *can* Google it...but I wouldn't recommend it. Searching the internet for information is great, but when you are researching any kind of information related to illness, Google is never your friend. You always seem to find horror stories and scare yourself even more.

It makes sense though...we often talk about the bad things at length. Think about it, how much longer do you focus on a bad experience at a restaurant versus a good one? With bad news, people are often looking for support and get out and post their stories out there.

So...we went to the perinatologist and initially she didn't see a problem. Great! I went back for a follow up and we noticed a discrepancy in the fluid amounts. The amount of amniotic fluid surrounding each baby is often an indicator of TTTS. In this case, our Baby A had noticeably more fluid than his brother. Our Dr. gave us a bunch of information, recommended restricted activity and suggested I start drinking protein shakes, as some research indicated the disorder is aggravated by lack of protein.

I went back a week later and the discrepancy was severe. My Dr. gently told me she was faxing all of my information to a Dr. in Cincinatti that routinely performs a laproscopic laser ablation to correct the syndrome. Time was a factor and if I wanted a chance to save one or both of my little guys, I was going to need to get up there and get evaluated, and most likely have surgery.

I couldn't breathe...My mind was filled with all of the "what if's" and I was overwhelmed with everything. I knew without hesitation I would make the trip, and if I was a candidate, get the surgery. I was 19 weeks at this point...I had to give my babies every chance I possibly could.

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