Friday, January 15, 2010

Timing of milestones

So, I am fairly certain God plans things like babies hitting certain milestones at exactly the perfect time. The boys have been starting to smile here and there, which has been a long time coming. It is one of the disadvantages of 8 week early preemies...when most 2 month olds are smiling, the boys just were not there. Now, at 4 months they are really getting to smiling socially. It can be hard on a parent. A baby smile is such a reward, it is very difficult to wait for them to start.

Last night, the boys were not having anything to do with sleep. G kept waking up crying, so he was sleeping on my chest while I was curled up on a small portion of the couch. Then, E would let out his ear piercing shriek to let me know he was not happy about not having Mommy time. Awesome.

I was exhausted and cranky when I got up this morning, so I was really dragging. When I turned on the light to get Elias up for changing and feeding, he saw me and gave me the biggest smile. I started talking to him and he kept smiling...then Griffin started doing the same thing. I completely forgot how tired I was, it was just so much fun playing with the boys and making them smile.

Also, Griffin's laugh is hilarious. He sounds like an Edsel (to quote Randy). He makes this sputtering cough type sound that completely sounds like a car trying to start. I'll have to try and catch him on is great!

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