Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twin to Twin Transfusion pregnancy part 5

We were going to Cincinatti.

My Dr. faxed over paperwork on a Thursday (I was 19 weeks 1 day) and The Fetal Care Center at Cincinatti Children's Hospital called me with an itinerary that began the following Tuesday. I had to get into Cincinatti on Monday and plan to stay about a week.

Tuesday would consist of meetings with the doctor's, sonograms, and echocardiogram, and an MRI. If surgery was an option, it would probably be on Wednesday or Thursday and it would require an overnight hospital stay. Then I would have to go back for additional sonograms and echocardiograms a few days after the surgery.

First task was finding airfare, which was found at a fairly reasonable rate considering the last minute nature of the trip! My mom offered to meet me up there and stay with me for the week so that my husband could continue to work though he would fly up for my surgery. (We were trying to save his vacation days for when the babies were born. )

My mom took care of getting a hotel booked and we arranged to meet at the airport.

My head was spinning. What if I got there and the disorder had already progressed to far? What if I had already lost one or both boys?

I wasn't feeling movement yet, so I had absolutely no reassurance over the course of the weekend. In some ways, all of the tests could not come fast enough. I just wanted to see my little boys...see their tiny heartbeats.

I was also dreading the MRI, as I am clausterphobic and the thought of being trapped in a magnetic tube was terrifying.

I had been praying for my pregnancy all along, but now the prayers just multiplied. I asked anyone I could think of to add us to their prayer list.

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  1. Your little boys truly are little miracles. :)
    A testament to their strength and yours.