Thursday, May 20, 2010


I know it has been far too long since i have updated! I will get back into it asap. The boys are 8 months old, and doing so well.

Elias is getting the first tooth, but Griffin is not far behind.

Griffin has a diaper rash that has required the prescription ointment which without insurance would be $100. ($50 with, but hoping they take my coupon. The sample seems to be working, I just hope it helps him!

No one is crawling yet (but they are only 6 months adjusted) Griffin sits on his own for the most part...he still bobs and weaves and tumbles over, but he is trying. Elias wants nothing to do with sitting up on his own. He will actually arch back so he is laying down again, lol. What a stinker!

I will update again soon and get back to the TTTS surgery!

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