Monday, May 31, 2010

Off topic

I have been thinking about all of the free stuff given to celebrities, just so companies can get the "free" marketing. Its a good technique...especially considering how star struck our society is. You see Angelina Jolie carrying a cute diaper bag and you have to have it...$200 price tag be darned.

But isn't it a little depressing? People that make millions of dollars getting freebies? Just doesn't seem fair,

I understand celebrities and their photos reach the most people in the quickest manner, but companies could really branch out.

What about a sweet, special education mommy to two twin boys? Who...may only have a few blogger followers but has many friends IRL as well as Facebook.

It may not be millions of people...but it would be authentic word of mouth marketing.

I challenge any companies that feel like giving away something for marketing value to give it to me. I'll take pictures, videos, write a formal review...whatever.

Just help a penny pinching mom out, lol!

ETA: If you type twinsane asylum into Google, I am one of the first sites that comes up...just sayin ;)


  1. Sign up at They send you emails to sign up for campaigns and then you get free stuff. You just have to tell other people about it and write about it on their website. I have gotten a ton of stuff including a Sonicare toothbrush, tons of cleaning products, food, etc.

  2. Thanks Kim :) I am a member there, and love it. In 3 campaigns right is awesome. A Sonicare toothbrush? AWESOME!