Friday, May 21, 2010

Pregnancy part 7

As I said, Cincinnati Children's is huge. We had to go downstairs and into another wing to wait on the MRI appointment. Since it is a children's hospital, there are games, toys, small furniture, and of course, children everywhere. It was strange to be a waiting patient among them. I found myself wondering what each of them were there for, and praying for good news for everyone.

We've all seen MRI's on tv shows. I was ok with laying on the "bed", but was scared to death about having to go into the MRI headfirst. Luckily, since the MRI was on my uterus, I got to go in feet first. If I moved my head just right, I could see out of the MRI and felt much better. Of course I was more or less strapped onto the bed to position me correctly, which was not great. They also told me that it would take longer if I moved, so I vowed to remain as still as I possibly could.

What they don't tell on tv is that the MRI is LOUD. Obnoxiously so. Thankfully, the lovely technician put some headphones on my ears and piped music through them. I could still hear the MRI, but could turn some of my attention to the music and actually managed to doze off a few times. They talked to me through an intercom like system as they needed to, and it really wasn't that bad. I know I say that because I was not in that thing headfirst. If that had been the case I would have cried for the entire hour.

Right after I got out of the MRI, someone brought me a couple of juice boxes and some peanut butter crackers. It may not sound like much, but being pregnant and starving, it was as good as if it had been surf and turf!

On to lunch and then the echocardiogram, then the final consult with the doctors to discuss the findings.

And it was still Tuesday morning!

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