Thursday, May 20, 2010

TTTS and pregnancy part 6

It was Monday when I got into Cincinnati. My awesome mom had booked us a room at the Raddison on the Kentucky side (an absolutely fabulous hotel-they truly went above and beyond and we had paid a very discounted rate through the hospital.) Tuesday's itinerary was full and Randy was coming in Tuesday night to be there if there was surgery Wednesday.

Tuesday morning began early...I woke up about 5 so that I could eat something quickly, since I couldn't eat 3 hours before the MRI. I am a woman who needs her breakfast...and I was always hungry during my pregnancy, I wasn't sure if I would make it the requisite amount of time before I had a meltdown. The Raddison had a free shuttle that took us over to Cincinnati Children's Hospital (thank you again, Raddison. You are going to see me thank the hotel a lot...they were incredible.) The day started at The Fetal Care Center for our initial meeting and a sonogram.

The hospital was huge. You literally need a map or a tour guide to get through it. But it is truly an amazing place and they give the highest level of care. Though I do hope I never need to see it again-you understand.

Our initial meeting went well, they took all my information, answered questions, and guided me through what the day would be like. I was going to undergo all of the tests possible so the Dr. could confirm Twin to Twin transfusion as well as the severity. After the doctors had all of this information, they could determine if I was a candidate for surgery or what the options were. I remember at one point, I was aksed if the tests determined defects or disorders in addition to TTTS, if I would want to continue the pregnancy. I suspect I looked at the nurse as if she were crazy. I had come this far to save my babies...I wasn't going to give up on them for any reason.

I started with a lengthy sonogram, and my mom got to see "her boys" up close for the first time. (Gotta love the cooter cam). It wasn't difficult to see our Baby B was completely wrapped in his amniotic sac. His bladder wasn't working and he could not move due to a lack of fluid. Baby A, was in a swimming pool of fluid, but his little heart was working overtime to compensate for the excess nutrients. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to see each little heart beating, though. Every time I had a sonogram I looked for those tiny fluttering hearts, I was so terrified that we would lose one or both of them.

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