Thursday, June 24, 2010


1 year ago today was our surgery for TTTS. It is so hard to some ways it feels like so long ago, and it others, as if it were yesterday.

The night following surgery was long, I was coming off an epidural and gradually allowed ice chips, water, and food. My feet were attached to a device designed to keep my circulation flowing to lessen the chance of clots (it was rather nice, kind of like a foot massage every few minutes.

My back hurt from the epidural and I was nervous about our sonogram in the morning. I hadn't felt the boys kick as of yet in the pregnancy, and it always panicked me to hear a doctor ask if I had. What if one of the babies hadn't taken to surgery? Worse yet, what if they both didn't like the change?

Randy and my mom stayed with me for most of the day and left in the early evening to go get some food and rest. I ordered from the hospital menu, which was awesome, because it was a children's hospital. It was like a giant menu of comfort food. And I got worms in dirt cake for dessert :) Hey...I hadn't eaten all day and I just got out of surgery- I earned it!

After a relatively sleepless night, my mom and Randy returned as we waited for our first post surgery sonogram. It was a scary moment, but almost immediately we saw two perfect little hearts beating. Baby B also had a little more fluid around him-woohoooo!

My mom and I were going to stay through the weekend and we would have a second sonogram on Monday to make sure both boys were still doing well. I was on a modified bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy- which meant I could get up to use the restroom, or eat a quick meal, but I had to really restrict my movement.

It was a stressful weekend, but I truly cherish the time I got to spend with my mother. We really got to talk and bond, and share our fears and hopes. It made the time pass.

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