Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How the time goes

I cannot believe my munchkins are almost 19 months old. It is amazing how far they have come and how different they are.

G is my extrovert, he's a doer and a talker.

E is my introvert, he's an observer and methodical.

They are both walking, using some words, and generally into everything. SO I guess my blog is aptly named, as i am in the Twinsane Asylum. I will finish up my pregnancy and NICU drama, but am looking forward to updating just current life with growing toddlers.

If anyone still reads, let me know what would be of interest to you so I can include it.


  1. I don't know how it was for you, but the first year was the longest of my life, although yours sounds much harder than mine was, but after they turned 1, time has really started to fly. Mine are almost 20 months old.
    I was just talking to my sister about how interesting it is to have these boys that are technically DNA replicas, but have personalities that are so different and uniquely their own. Being a mom of identical twins is really an amazing experience!

  2. I am still reading! I love to hear all about your little miracles!

  3. if course I still read, but not for a while!