Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I guess if you are going to have a blog you should actually post! Especially since the insanity has truly kicked in with these 2 year old tasmanian devil's in the house.

A quick summary from the last year:

Both boys talking up a storm with quite a few words. Not a ton of stringing words together or sentences, which makes the teacher part of me concerned, but not too much.

E is a fabulous imitator, he hears it, he will say it. Thank goodness we have been better about the words we say around here!

G loves skateboards. Absolutely loves them.

Both boys in the 50th or higher percentile for height and weight, which is amazing, since E. has always hovered in the less than 25th percentile weight wise.

They love each other and drive each other crazy. Usually it is over a toy one boy has and the other one decides he wants to play with it at the exact same time. Where it gets fun is when the boy playing with said toy smacks his brother with the toy, usually on the head, always explosive. Good times.

They can also be so sweet and considerate of one another. I can give 1 boy a snack or drink for both of them and he will bring the second item to his brother. G is especially thoughtful of E.

They climb anything and everything. Crayons and markers either go in the mouth or on furniture, clothes, etc. Clothes are covered in food and other unidentifiable goop.

I never tire of watching them explore the world and trying to see it through their eyes. A world where the sky is filled with cool things like planes, stars, and the moon. Where the everyday act of flipping a light switch is simply awesome.

I am teaching them and in turn they are teaching me. They are showing me all of the cool little things I don't notice anymore, like light switches and the value of cardboard boxes. They remind me to slow down and take time. They won't be this little forever. In what will seem like an instant they won't let me snuggle and kiss them, they won't come crying to me with their boo boos, their beautiful little faces won't light up with joy when they see me.

I want to take 2012 and enjoy everything they show me. The outside world will still be there.

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