Monday, January 2, 2012

Hopes for my Sons

I don't want to make resolutions, because they are so easy to break. I do have goals and hopes for the year which allow for stumbles along the way. One of those goals is adding to this blog more regularly. While I know every day is too lofty a goal, I am aiming for at least once a week or more if possible.

For my G-man: I love that you are so sweet and thoughtful. You are cuddly and quick to laugh. You love approval and looking out for everyone around you. I pray that you keep that quality as you grow, it is a rare gift and very easy to lose in our society.

For my cool E-Dude: I love the way your entire face lights up with joy when you get excited. You get so tickled when you imitate something someone else does and your belly laugh is contagious. You have finally learned to assert yourself and not let anyone push you around. I pray that you use that gift to protect others who cannot stand up for themselves.

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog through BlogFrog :-)

    I can relate to having to commit to blog more (and to not making resolutions)! I explain the time I commit to blogging as an investment in recording my babies' history (haha...sounds good when the hubby asks me why I am still on the computer)!

    Love the sweet words to your boys!