Sunday, January 22, 2012

How would you like to go up in a swing?

On a beautiful 70 degree day in January, DH and I decided to take the boys to the park.

Out the front door, a familiar sight, but the newness of taking footsteps instead of a stroller ride.
"See Light?"
"See Car?"
"See Tree?"
"See Plane?"

Everything old, and yet new when you are exploring on your own feet, and not at the passive mercy of a stroller.  I loved the feel of the tiny hands curled around mine.  G-Man had grabbed a strong hold for security and held on tightly as we made the short walk down the road.  Everything seemed new.  Houses, dormant grass, birds flying overhead.

"Ok.  We have to stop and look left."
"Now look right."

No cars and it was safe to cross the street.  2 excited little boys toddling along and dodging the big kids on bikes.  Daddy let go of E-Dude's hand and said "Want to go swing?"

That was enough for E-Dude.  Half skipping, half sprinting, he ran as fast as his little body allowed.  Hesitating for a moment, I released G-Man's hand and told him to go with brother.

Two little men.  Happy, joyous, and full of anticipation.  I followed behind and took in the delight of watching them run towards a goal together.  The 'baby; swings were empty and the boys loaded on.

"weeeeeeeeee!" followed by infectious giggles.

Up, down, and flying with happiness.

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