Monday, January 30, 2012


I will admit this up front, this post is nothing but a shameless mommy gushing.  One of those little things you notice all of a sudden and it gives you so much joy and excitement, that you remember being a little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I don't remember when the boys first said the word "Mommy."  They knew it and used it when asked who I was, but it seemed like they never used it to refer to me.  Not unlike every step in their development, I wondered if it implied some developmental issue or meant that they were behind their age appropriate peers.

The progression came on gradually.  E-Dude would see me arrive to pick them up from daycare and would yell "Mommy!"  as he ran at me full speed.  He often made a point of telling any other adult in the vicinity that this was "My Mommy," just in case they came in too close.  I can't lie, these moments are some of the best of the day, they make the workday more worthwhile.

Just in the last few days  the word "Mommy" has exploded for the munchkins.  If I go to the store and return to the house, I am greeted with an enthusiastic, "Mommy!" as if I have been gone for days.  When I creep into the nursery in the morning, G-Man starts chanting, "Mommy, Mommy!"  Frustrations and tears and worries are now combined with a "Mommy" before a child is flinging himself into my arms for comfort.

Having waited so long for Mommy to become my name, so to speak, I was surprised that I only just realized this development.  It is like it snuck up on me and appeared all of a sudden.

While I know there will be days in the future when the repeated insistence of 'Mommy' will likely drive me batty, I hope that I can conjure up memories of today.  Memories of the swell of joy I feel in my heart when my sons call out for me and talk to me. 

How I love being Mommy!

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  1. you made me teary!!! Mommy or any derivative thereof is the BEST sound in the whole world!