Thursday, January 5, 2012

" See Go Poops"

10 years ago if you had suggested that I would get excited over a child telling me he had soiled his diaper I would have looked at you as if you were nuts. In fact, I used to get very irritated by the phrase, "When you have your own, you will understand." It always seemed to childless me that the phrase was a touch condescending.

Then I got pregnant, and with all of the turmoil in the pregnancy, the moment I looked into the eyes of my sons, I knew the phrase wasn't condescending at all. It was wisdom. It was reassurance from someone who had likely been in my exact position. (and, okay, in some instances it probably WAS condescending, but I am going to look past that. ;)

When I look back at my past self, I realize that old me is a complete stranger. She never would have found amusement in bizarre diaper explosions or children covered in food. She would not have been able to wipe through the dirt and grime and see the joy. Because she didn't have children...and she flat out didn't understand.

Which brings me to a frank discussion about pre-potty training and poop. E. and G. are completely boys, who have recently found Great Amusement in the sounds of their bodily functions. (It really is an innate boy thing) For the past few weeks I would tell them they had tooted and they needed to say excuse me. It is still a work in progress, but they will at least repeat the phrase when I ask them to do so.

G-man has progressed from just being aware of his toots to being rather fascinated with the entire diaper changing process. When one of the boys has had a bowel movement it is usually noticeable by odor so I ask them if they went poops. (Not very scientific of me, but it works) They get their diaper change which usually involves me saying something like "P.U., stinky poop. Yucky!" Before you get concerned, I say it with a smile and a laugh.

G-man has lately been announcing his bowel movements just after he has one. He will say "See go poops?" Which, in G-man-ese means something like "Mom, I am pretty sure I have pooped, will you check?" He has been spot on for the last few days, which makes me aware that potty training is coming soon. Each time he is correct he gets kisses and praise and we talk all about it as I change him. "See yucky?"

"Yes, Baby, poops are yucky, but they are better out than in."

This awareness is a little step in his growth process, but I am proud and saddened all at the same time. I am proud for how far he has come from 3lbs. 15oz. and I am sad that my little man is on a fast track course to growing up. With each little progression I have to loosen my grip and let him become the person he is meant to be.

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  1. you make me so proud of the Mom you have become! I always knew it was 'in you', You just had to find it for yourself. So glad that you did!