Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boy Drama And Panicked Mommy

As if the glue spot on E-Dude's marred little forehead weren't enough drama for the week, about 24 hours later we had drama with G-Man. I told you they were plotting against me.

G-Man started crying at about 10pm, which isn't terribly unusual.  He gets scared and I think he dreams quite a bit, so one of us often goes in to snuggle him and calm him down.  As soon as I stepped into the nursery, G-Man was running inside his crib reaching up for me.  I picked him up and sat down to rock him when I realized he was burning up.


 I scooped him up and set him into a tub filled with lukewarm water.  As you can imagine, that did not make the poor guy happy.  He obviously had the chills and was wailing beyond all belief, his tiny fingers clutching my arm as he cried out "Mommy!" in a voice that nearly made me cry along with him.  His temperature was just over 101, so we gave him some Motrin, and let him go back to sleep.

Meanwhile I put in for an absence and emailed sub work to my fantastic co workers as I set the alarm for 3 hours later to check G-Man's temp.  2am came quickly, and of course, Griffin was still sporting a fever.  We piggybacked some Tylenol and I sat up with him until his temperature came down a bit.  Repeat alarm clock setting.

At 5:45 little man was crying and I pulled him from his crib to realize he was just burning up.  103.3 and back to the tub.  I could see his little limbs twitching in the water, and I gave myself a calming pep talk in order to brace myself for what was likely to come.

Last May, E-Dude had a febrile seizure due to fever.  It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen and I did not handle it remotely well.  Despite having seen students and friends have seizures, I was completely unprepared to see one in my little boy.  It lasted a few minutes, but felt like an eternity.  The Urgent Care we brought him to did a fantastic job of tending both to him and his overwrought parents.

Needless to say, I have lived in constant fear of fevers since that day.   And here was my G-Man, with the tell tale twitches in his legs.  The water brought his temperature down a little bit and I gave him another dose of Motrin.  We settled in on the couch as I waited for some more reduction in his fever. 

At 7, DH was leaving for work and gave me a pep talk similar to the one I had given myself only a few minutes earlier.  Stay calm, Keep him safe, get him to the doctor, and call.

It wasn't 10 minutes later when little man tensed up, eyes rolled back in his head, and tiny hands clenched into fists.  G-Man fought against the seizure the whole time, as I rubbed his head and told him it was okay, and that Mommy was there.  I grabbed the watch to time it and prayed it would pass quickly.

Thankfully, it ended as quickly as it began, and both dogs worriedly sniffed at their small charge.  G-Man was disoriented and sleepy, but that is a common response after a seizure.  I worked on auto pilot after that.  Got all 3 of us dressed and into the car, got to the Urgent Care, Called DH.  By then, G-Man was chattering and playing with his camera, just like himself, even if he was a bit wobbly.

Diagnosis?  Possible start of pneumonia as determined by an X-Ray.  We had to give medicine around the clock to treat the fever aggressively and he started some Zithromyecin. 

It was strange to watch him throughout the day as he played and laughed.  I know he has already forgotten about it, even if I never well.

And they still didn't offer me complimentary Valium.  Surely I earned it this time! ;)

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