Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bubbles and Booty, oh my!

I knew it was a matter of time before the cute words and phrases my little language learners were speaking would cross into questionable territory.  And seeing as my years of teaching high school have given me appreciation for juvenile humor, I am finding it difficult to keep a straight face most of the time. 

It started with an innocent snack.  I purchased a bag of "Pirate Booty." It is a natural, baked corn snack with cheddar cheese.  Although to be fair, I am fairly certain they are laced with some sort of crack (I kid), because the boys are addicted to them.  I am talking drawn out fits serious tantrums if the supply of Booty is depleted. 

G-Man toddled over to me with his snack cup, and I was well aware of his upcoming request for more.  I was not prepared for him to ask for "Booby." That is correct.  Not Booty, but Booby.  And naturally, E-Dude follows up by chanting "Booby, Booby, Booby!" ( I told those darn things were addictive)

I choked back the laughter, because let's be honest, the word booby is just funny.  Then I said, "Do you need more BooTy?" (I made sure to emphsize the T).  In response, both boys happily chortled, "More, More Booby."  

Sigh.  Guess we need more work on that one.

But the escapades of boydom do not end there.  During bath time, G-Man let loose with some significant toots, that naturally led to bubbles arising in the water. 

"See bubbles?"
"Yes, honey, those are bubbles.  Did you toot?"
"See toot stinky?"
"Yes, toots are stinky.  Say Excuse me?"
"'Scuse me."

Then the fun began.  I watched G-Man start tensing up and bearing down, as he attempted to make more bubbles in the water.  Bubbles with his butt.  And oh my, when those bubbles hit the surface, did they smell BAD!  Of course, both boys found this hilarious, and E-Dude began trying to make his own bubbles.

With enormous belly laughs, my bathroom became a toxic methane zone.

Oh boys ;)

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