Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love you, Too!

Another one of those things they don't tell you about having children?  "They" tell pregnant women to expect hormones and crying.  They DON'T tell you that the capacity to cry at the silliest things does NOT stop after pregnancy.  In fact, it gets worse as your children grow.

This is not a trait my formerly not prone to crying self has embraced.  I am not a fan and welcome any suggestions as to how to stop the useless and random waterworks that refuse to cease. Movie I have seen hundreds of times?  Cried.  Touching Commercial?  Bawled.  Sappy song (especially that one about Dancing with Cinderella?)  Oh yes, torrents of tears.  What the heck?

Big secret?  Sometimes, the tears are warranted tears of joy.

G-Man has recently begun stringing his words together to communicate more.  In the past few days he has said "Watch This!"  and "You try it!" while he was playing a game.  His chattering is increasing and he is quickly becoming a little boy with a silly personality.  Every day brings something new he says, some new phrase or thing he can effectively communicate.

It seems like it happened overnight.  From single words and pointing to coherent phrases with meaning.  My little man is getting so big, and right when I can feel the parental tears of pride itching at my eyes, it happens.

Tucking the Monkeys into bed.

"Night, Night Boys.  I Love you."

G-Man's precious voice, "Love You, too!"

Anyone have a tissue for me?


  1. You are SO right!!

    I find myself crying at the weirdest times...I see them playing like big kids, I cry. I hear them say "please" or "thank you," I cry. You get the picture :-)

    1. Terrible, isn't it :) Always glad to know you are not alone. It really gets me when something I have seen or done a hundred times suddenly makes me teary!

  2. I can very much relate. Listening to our girls in bed---they talk to each other now, and show compassion for one another. If one is crying, the other tosses her baby into her bed to help her feel better. The other day one was crying. The other said, "Sister, shhhhh!" and she went right to sleep :)

    1. Awww, that is so sweet. Your girls have such a big heart for one another. A good thing to remind them when they are older and driving each other crazy!

  3. it's called being a Mom, get used to it, it only gets worse as your babies grow . . . . wait till they have babies of their own!

  4. Your stories are always so sweet that I just had to pass along the "sweet" award to you...see my latest post for details!