Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Fresh Beat Band...yes, I hate you!

It is no secret that TV made for preschoolers is painful for watchful adults.  I watched the first few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba in rapt horror as I tried to figure out HOW and WHY someone had come up with it.  Of course, my answer sat inside the tiny little brains enthralled with the giant walking puppets singing about parties in their tummies.

Moving forward a few months, and we now have 30 or so episodes recorded to the DVR.  Because "Gabba" had to be on right when we got home for the day, or when we woke up, or because it was Tuesday.  You understand.  Yes, Gabba babysat my kids so I could get dinner started, it happens.  Naturally after months of tireless Gabba viewings, I am beyond burnt out on their adventures.

Many times I have tried in desperation to get the boys to enjoy something..anything else.  For a brief and shining moment, I thought we had a winner in Blue's Clues, the show with the creepy guy and his squeaky blue dog always looking for a blue paw print.  For a handful of glorious episodes, the boys would shout "Blue, Blue!"  But it wasn't going to last.

The worst part?  They didn't go back to Gabba.  No.  Instead they have found excessive joy in the Fresh Beat Band.  If you have not had the pleasure of watching, please allow me to inform.  A quartet of four 20-something year olds live in dorms and attend 'music school.' Not unlike Three's Company, something always goes awry and music and hilarity ensue.

Like all preschool tv, it is exaggerated and over the top acting.  But, the stupid tunes are catchy and the boys love dancing around to them.  That is, when they are not sitting silently for 2 full episodes and taking it all in.  When was the last time a 2.5 year old sat still for that length of time?  Never.  Maybe in a parallel universe.

I can't exactly peg why, but I hate this show with every ounce of my being.  Every. Single. Ounce.  Maybe it is the 20+ year old adults acting like elementary school students, maybe it is the lame and cheesy story lines or the peppy attitudes?  Maybe it is the multitude of casting changes that throw me off.  I couldn't say (but if you DO watch, the new Marina gets on my every last nerve.  At least the old one seemed genuine.)

I never thought I would miss Yo Gabba Gabba, but even the tedious repetition of the episodes I have seen dozens of times is not as bothersome to me as the Fresh Beats.

As if they have secretly found delight in making me batty, my boys now come home and ask for "Fesh Beats."  Awesome.  And, because they know I will,  pull on my hands so I will stand up, sing the songs, and dance around the living room with them.  I will pick them up and spin them around, and we will laugh ourselves silly as we celebrate being home together. 

And that part I love.  Because time with E-Dude and G-Man is precious.  Because silly songs and dances are fleeting.  Because tomorrow it won't be overgrown 'kids' with problems no bigger than what song to sing that day. 

And then I will probably hate the Fresh Beats even more...


  1. My two year old twins LOVE Fresh Beats as well and I am about SICK of them myself! I totally agree with you on EVERYTHING. However, I will manage through it because the show allows me to get ready for work or unpack from the day/get dinner ready while the kids watch! Nick Jr has changed up their programming so Bupple Guppies is on when we are getting ready to leave for the day. I don't mind that show however I have seen the 5 episodes they have about 100 times each LOL.

    1. I completely feel your pain! It feels a bit like making a deal with the devil as I make dinner without interruption. They love it, so I deal with it. LOL on the bubble Guppies..I bet having to watch only a few episodes over and over is a beat down!

  2. And now we're having a ball! And the best part of all! ... I detest their clothing, why does that one gal always have to wear pants and a tutu? Luckily my man doesn't like them yet. I am forced to watch Bubble Guppies over and over and over!!!