Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear G-Man

Dear G-Man,

You were sick last week as well.  Your fever stayed somewhere between 101 and 102 without round the clock medicine and frequent baths.  Despite that, you were happy, sweet, and as playful as always.  With the exception of your 'colors', you willingly shared with your brother and enjoyed the non stop playing of your favorite TV show.

We slept on the living room couch at night, because you were having trouble sleeping and Mommy had to give you and Brother medicine every few hours.  That is no biggie for us, because you and I have slept many a night out there together.  One night, I place you and brother on opposite sides of the couch and ran to the bathroom. 

When I returned, brother had crawled across the couch , snuggled up next to you, and placed his sleeping head on your chest. Not wanting the weight of his head to disrupt your breathing, I moved him to your side, so that you were next to one another.  As if in response, you rolled over and put your tiny arm over your brother in a protective embrace.  It was a moment that reminded me of the truly special bond only twins get to share.  Even sound asleep, you were aware of his presence.

Then Friday came, and brother was clingy.  He didn't feel well at all, and as a result, you didn't get the same amount of snuggles and cuddles to which you are accustomed.  Somehow, you were aware that E-Dude felt poorly, and you were content to help Mommy with anything she could think to ask you.

You didn't get scared when brother had his seizure, because Mommy tried to stay calm for both of you.  The only time you were disturbed is when you were alone in your room after we left for the doctor.  Daddy brought you out to the living room so you had company. 

When we had to go to the hospital, you were beginning to run another fever (5 days in a row) and looked simply exhausted.  Yet you didn't utter a single cry of protest.  You looked around with exhausted curiosity and patiently waited while Daddy gave you medicine to help you feel better.  You enjoyed looking around the administration area, and quickly fell asleep on Daddy's lap.

When your "Pop" came to keep you company, you were nothing but smiles.  He was your captive audience and you told him stories in G-Man-ese.  Not long after, you and Daddy went to stay with Pop and Grandma, where you got to terrorize the dogs, swing on the yard swing, and point out the fish in the pond.  Not to mention all the cuddles you could handle from your loving grandparents.  They and Daddy wanted you to relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible, so that you wouldn't worry about E-Dude.

Mommy missed you terribly that night and throughout the next day.  But I am awed by your kindness, your intuitive nature, and your ability to easily adapt.  You are intelligent, nurturing, funny, considerate, and eager to please.  I hope you are always able to 'go with the flow' without much effort.  It is a rare gift, and I see it in you every day. 

I watch how thoughtful you are.  You don't get a snack without reaching up a hand for the same for your brother.  You bring him his cup if he drops it.  You close doors that shouldn't be opened.  Somehow, you 'know' what people need and you take care of it.

You are growing into an incredible little boy, and I hope I am able to be the Mommy you deserve.

Love you!

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