Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Fail and Fevers

Spring Break Started so well.  My Mom and Step-Dad came in to visit from out of state and we began by celebrating the 40th birthday of my husband.  The boys were thrilled with all of the extra attention and learned very quickly to run and hug grandma!

Monday brought big boy haircuts, which has been a task. G-Man usually cries giant crocodile tears with abandon, leaving me to feel all the pitied looks from other parents.  Yes, I have "THAT" child.  With my mom in tow, both boys crawled into their car shaped seats and had a grand old time.  G-Man watched his stylist warily, but smiled and watched "Toy Story" while she worked.

Then they brought out the magic balloons.  These simple, purple pieces of plastic/rubber occupied both boys for a good half hour.  Awesome!  

You remember the massive drama cloud of issues we have had with the boys the last few weeks. So naturally, when G-Man woke up at 3 in the morning with a 100.4 degree fever, I was exceptionally bummed.  Both boys ran low grade fevers the last day my parents were in town.  Made for a low key day, but the boys were in good spirits.  

Fast Forward to that evening. E-Dude got up to 103.2 and G-Man to 101.7.  Knowing they are prone to seizures, I threw E-Dude into a bath.  The poor thing wasn't even awake yet and cried the most pitiful sounds I have ever heard.  Once his fever came down, I began a long night of round the clock medicine.

3 days later and they are still feverish with a flu-like virus (doctor's diagnosis).  Thankfully, they are acting like themselves, barring the coughing and fevers.  But it has been a bummer of a spring break.

Still, I am SO thankful:
  • that I was home on spring break and didn't have to get penalized for taking time off work
  • that being home with sick munchkins is still better than a good week at work
  • for air conditioning companies with true integrity
  • for super snuggles with my babies
  • for pediatricians that magically make my boys giggle and laugh
  • for seeing my mom-I miss her terribly!
  • for finally getting in a post this week!
  • finding joy and blessings in the hardship
Check out some pictures and let me know what YOU are thankful for this week

Yay!  We have balloons!
E-Dude getting his balloon reward
Ahhh, the joys of a purple balloon


  1. I miss you and my precious grandsons more than I can say. I hate to even think about it, it crushes me. I hate withdrawal :((

    1. I had withdrawal about 2 minutes after you left :( Miss you, Momma!

  2. Hooray for balloons! They make everything just a little bit better, don't they? So sorry that sickness is visiting your home again. That stinks. Love your perspective.

    Hope you're all feel better again soon, and enjoy the weekend!

    1. We had the best time watching them play with those balloons. It is always the simplest things, isn't it :)