Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Lately I feel as if I just need to be able to stop and breathe.

After the head gash and fever seizure, last weekend E-Dude ran a high fever and ended up with a double ear infection.  After a trying week at work and just wanting to relax with my family, my poor little man was miserable-and so was everyone in the house.

Thankfully, he is doing much better, and everyone is (knock on wood) in good health.  So today, I just want to take a second and be thankful.

-For 80 degree days on March 1
-For having a class studying the environment that allows us to go outside.
-For antibiotics that clear up ear infections
-My little scientist E-Dude observing his world
-Rough and Tumble G-Man and his silliness
-E-Dude spontaneously singing "How Great is our God" this morning during wake up time
-Toddler kisses
-A husband who is grateful and gracious
-students who make me laugh and remind me why I teach
-God and the many blessings He has given
-Yo Gabba Gabba during cooking time
-singing and dancing with the munchkins in the house
-being right where I am, right at this moment in time.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Great post! Glad everyone is feeling better! Eek, you have definitely had a week! Good for you for finding lots of things to be thankful for!
    I am thankful for:
    Big cheesy smiles from my girls, still having a job, sloppy toddler kisses, hot showers, and banana splits =).

    1. Sloppy toddler kisses are the best!

  2. So glad that your boys are doing better. Ear infections are the pits!!

    I love reading your gratitude lists, Heather! Finding joy in the hard stuff----makes the hard stuff just a wee bit easier :)

    Hope your weekend has been peaceful (and uneventful) and that you have a great week this week! :)

    1. I agree completely. Finding joy and gratitude despite the difficulty makes the hard parts easier to get through!

  3. I am thankful to have such an incredible daughter, who is and incredible uber-mom and a saintly wife! You never cease to make me so proud to be your Mom.