Thursday, March 22, 2012

You won't Believe This

I honestly realize that many of my posts in the last MONTH have reflected the quiet desperation of a woman trying not to cry most of the time.  We have really been dog-piled with illness and injury around the asylum as of late.  Doesn't leave much time for snarky, biting wit.

To say I am exhausted doesn't begin to explain it.  My fellow moms certainly know the feeling.  Zero rest or sleep for mom coupled with the stress of wondering when the next thing will occur really wears you down. I found myself torn between running to work in the morning and not wanting to leave my precious boys for another second.

With this latest round of issues, I didn't even attempt to consider we may just be done with all of the crap.  I haven't had the time, and frankly, getting sleep took precedence.  Wouldn't you know, DH begins coughing and hacking and feels generally miserable.  His diagnosis at the doctor?  A cold aggravated by...wait for it....strep throat.


I am completely dumbfounded.  It was always my assumption that people generally didn't get strep after their twenties.  Now, my newly 40 year old husband has the bacterial plague that I used to catch if someone else in the county had it. 

That was it.  The straw.  The moment where I walked over the proverbial line in the sand.  Instead of falling down into stressed out despair, I threw my hands up and laughed at the ridiculousness of it.  I mean, really.  Let's look at our tally for February/March.

Me: Sprained ankle
Boys:  busted open head, fever seizure, double ear infection, double 4 day long fevers-multiple seizures and hospital stay
DH- Strep Throat

On the bright side?  In less than 4 months, we have met the deductible on our High Deductible Insurance plan.  If that doesn't scream FANTASTIC, I don't know what will.

You can't see me, but I am giving the bird to illness and injury in general!


  1. Good lord woman! You all need to get well and stay well!
    I hadn't heard that you couldn't get strep throat after your 20's...interesting...I'm guessing maybe that's a myth anyway since your DH obviously has it! Hope he (and everyone else) feels better soon!
    And that's just sad that you've already met the deductible on your high deductible plan. Oye!

    1. Leave it to my husband to be our personal mythbuster :) Sad on the deductible, isn't it? I know kids get sick a bunch, but this is crazy!