Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bite, Bite, Bite?

Oh dear.

I keep my phone on vibrate during the school day, just in case the boys get sick or there is an issue.  So naturally, any buzzing in my pocket causes me to panic.  I pull out my phone with dread, anticipating fevers and vomit.

"G-Man bit 'W" when they were playing with the cars, just wanted to let you know." Followed up by a picture of poor little "W's" arm. The skin was not broken, thankfully, but there was a FULL set of teeth marks on this little boys arm.  As in...a dentist could not get a better set of dental records.

The logical side of my brain told me that it was perfectly natural for 2.5 year olds to bit on occasion.  The teacher and mom side of the brain was absolutely mortified.  I apologized profusely to both our provider and W.'s mom.  Both of whom said it was no big deal. 

Oh goodness my child is the kid who bites.

Going into full teacher mode, I tried to find out what preceded the bite.  In this case, both boys were playing cars and W ran his arm and car in front of G-man (in his 'personal space).  G-Man responded by leaning over and biting.

We have of course discussed that Jesus Loves Everyone and we do not show love by biting, even if we are upset.  We have watched the "Don't Bite Your Friends" song via Yo Gabba Gabba.  I am working on finding a way for for G-Man to find another way to express his frustration, but, lets be real...he is 2.5.

To follow up, just the other morning the boys were very tired because Mommy get them up too late after bible study.  So they were just a mess at school, and what did little E-dude do?  You guessed it...bit someone 3 different times. 

That was on me. 

Feel free to give me the mother of the year award at any time! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Songs and Morning Giggles

We have a tendency to take a song and change its lyrics to suit our particular situation.  When the boys were babies, we made up a special song for G-Man and one for E-Dude.  G-Man's song is to the tune of a song I remember from a kid's album called "Casey Jones".  In our case, it is G-Man B. :)

For E-Dude we went a little more cheesy mainstream.  Sung to the tune of "My Sharona"

Oh my little handsome one, handsome one
When you gonna give me some time E-Dude?
Oh you make your Mommy run, Mommy Run
Gettin sippies all of the time E-Dude
Never gonna stop making poop
Such a dirty boy
always puttin poop in the bottom
of your diaper now

My, my my-i-i-i Wooooo!
Ma ma ma ma E-Dude!

E-Dude loves his song, and gets the biggest smile on his face whenever we sing it.  For the last few months he has mimicked the last line (the ma ma ma's).  Occasionally we change the last line to include G-Man in the song, since he loves it too.

This morning had a rough start, with both boys being grumpy and weepy as we went through diaper changes and getting dressed.  E-Dude rocked on his little chair and cried as he would have preferred to cuddle and relax instead of rushing to daycare.

I sang his song to him and was rewarded with his perfect joyous grin.  Immediately after I finished the last line, E-Dude picked it up and sang "ma ma ma ma my MOMMY!"

Cue the melted heart.

And he continued "ma ma ma ma my Maxie (one of the dogs) and ma ma ma ma my Tinker (other dog)"

G-Man wouldn't be outdone and responded with "Ma ma ma ma my G-Man!"

I love watching them make these learning connections.  Love how excited they get over a song their once overtired mother made up for no particular reason.

LOVE these dudes!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday

Amusing moments in the vocabulary development in the TwinSane Asylum.

At the dry cleaners.  Worker is putting the clean clothes into the car and sees the boys.  He says "Hey Guys.  What's Up?"

E-Dude Answers:  "The Lights"

Bring Your Stuffed Animal Day at Daycare.  E-Dude has his stuffed bear.  Our provider's husband asks "What's his Name?"   E-Dude looks at him for a second and says "Bear"  (all the while giving the poor man a look like E-Dude thought he was an idiot-DUH!  What did you think his name was? lol)

More on the Pirate Booty Front.

E-Dude grabs the Pirate Booty from G-Man who Howls "MY BOOBY!"

At Grandma's House.  G-Man runs for the back door to look for the dogs.  Points at the door and says "Doggy goes poops."

Yes, I laugh hysterically on a daily basis.