Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Songs and Morning Giggles

We have a tendency to take a song and change its lyrics to suit our particular situation.  When the boys were babies, we made up a special song for G-Man and one for E-Dude.  G-Man's song is to the tune of a song I remember from a kid's album called "Casey Jones".  In our case, it is G-Man B. :)

For E-Dude we went a little more cheesy mainstream.  Sung to the tune of "My Sharona"

Oh my little handsome one, handsome one
When you gonna give me some time E-Dude?
Oh you make your Mommy run, Mommy Run
Gettin sippies all of the time E-Dude
Never gonna stop making poop
Such a dirty boy
always puttin poop in the bottom
of your diaper now

My, my my-i-i-i Wooooo!
Ma ma ma ma E-Dude!

E-Dude loves his song, and gets the biggest smile on his face whenever we sing it.  For the last few months he has mimicked the last line (the ma ma ma's).  Occasionally we change the last line to include G-Man in the song, since he loves it too.

This morning had a rough start, with both boys being grumpy and weepy as we went through diaper changes and getting dressed.  E-Dude rocked on his little chair and cried as he would have preferred to cuddle and relax instead of rushing to daycare.

I sang his song to him and was rewarded with his perfect joyous grin.  Immediately after I finished the last line, E-Dude picked it up and sang "ma ma ma ma my MOMMY!"

Cue the melted heart.

And he continued "ma ma ma ma my Maxie (one of the dogs) and ma ma ma ma my Tinker (other dog)"

G-Man wouldn't be outdone and responded with "Ma ma ma ma my G-Man!"

I love watching them make these learning connections.  Love how excited they get over a song their once overtired mother made up for no particular reason.

LOVE these dudes!


  1. Sounds like the rough start to the morning turned into wonderful moment! Your boys will always remember those songs and sing them as the get older. Your story made me smile! ;-)

  2. you made it up out of immense love you have for your sons and because that's what momma's do for their babies! I could just imagine in my Gramma mind, our little bear sitting all teary rocking in his chair, much like his own momma did many years ago, when she was unhappy. Such joyous memories, thanks for sharing!! Love you!

  3. Y'all are rock stars! Love it :-)