Friday, May 18, 2012

Being Mom

A few weeks ago I was lamenting the fact that my husband would be in France for Mother's Day.  Compounded by the fact that he had been out of town on Easter, I was not quiet about my displeasure of his impending work trip.

Mother's Day came and went simply.  It was a lovely day at church, and our Church Family happily well wished all of the Mother's.  The boys came home with adorable hand print crafts and their smart Daddy thought to leave out the card they 'bought' for me.

As if they knew, the boys kindly napped for 3 hours, thus giving me a lovely little nap on a Sunday.  When they awoke, they were content to cuddle up with me on the couch and watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  Somewhere in the intoxicating haze of snuggling with my babies I realized it.

I had let the notion of what "Mother's Day" should be escape me.  I hate card created holidays (ie Valentine's Day) and this is one of them.  Of course we should honor parents, of course they deserve a Day that is in their honor.  But there is a problem with a holiday that is unwittingly designed to make people feel lousy: for not being able to be mothers, or having lost their mother, or having not so pleasant memories of their mother.

It isn't about flowers, candy, cards, or breakfast in bed.  It isn't about 'getting a break.' It is about getting the opportunity to raise a tiny human into adulthood.  It is about praising success, kissing away tears, hugs, laughter, messes, time outs, joys and heartaches.

Wrapped tight in the embrace of my little dudes, I realized I already had the best Mother's Day gift.  I got to BE a mom for Mother's Day. 

It was awesome.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The World According to G-Man

This child is way too smart for his own good.  Apparently at daycare, he has taken to repeating anything any of the other children say.  One little girl looked at him and said "Will you STOP that?"  He looked right back at her, puffed up and repeated verbatim, "Will you STOP that?"

Oh my.

He is loving all of the new words he is learning, and gets so tickled when he is understood.

Gems from this last week:

Family dinner at the table and DH burped.  G-Man looked at him in horror and said "Daddy!  Say Excuse me!"

Running outside last weekend, "Mommy, I need a ice-pop."

This morning when I dropped the boys off, they sat on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse.  G-Man patted the couch next to him and said "Mommy, sit me!"

I have a feeling there will more entertainment to come!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Couch Please!

Oh my goodness these boys are too adorable.  Even when they are driving me absolutely insane having a tough day, they are pretty stinking cute.  And sometimes I have those incredible moments of clarity when I realize, these cute little things will go by so quickly.

And I want to hang on as much as I can.

The dishes were in the sink, a tell-tale sign that the dishwasher needed to be unloaded.  Laundry was piling up and dinner needed to be made.  The boys were demanding their daily fix of Yo Gabba Gabba so I turned it on and figured it would give me a few minutes to get some things done around the house.

Small fingers pulled on my pants and I looked into my son's eyes.  "Need Couch Please."  warbled my sweet little E-Dude.  It doesn't simply mean he wanted to sit on the couch, because he is perfectly capable of climbing on it...and over it..around get the idea.  In E-Dude speak it meant "Mom, I want to snuggle with you on the couch and watch my show."

Seriously, how could I refuse that?   I reached down and scooped him into my arms and plopped us both on the couch.  He snuggled into my side, sighed and started to watch his show.  G-Man, not to be left out, crawled up and settled on my other side.

The dishes and dinner had to wait.  Before too long these precious moments slip away.  I don't care if the house is in disarray if the alternative means I miss little moments like this.  Perfect moments of contentment.

Just don't stop by unannounced ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Multiples and More :)

Not too long ago, I found a fantastic community for moms of multiples and have been keeping up with the blog and community ever since.   Check out Multiples and More where I am fortunate enough to be the featured blogger :)