Friday, May 11, 2012

The World According to G-Man

This child is way too smart for his own good.  Apparently at daycare, he has taken to repeating anything any of the other children say.  One little girl looked at him and said "Will you STOP that?"  He looked right back at her, puffed up and repeated verbatim, "Will you STOP that?"

Oh my.

He is loving all of the new words he is learning, and gets so tickled when he is understood.

Gems from this last week:

Family dinner at the table and DH burped.  G-Man looked at him in horror and said "Daddy!  Say Excuse me!"

Running outside last weekend, "Mommy, I need a ice-pop."

This morning when I dropped the boys off, they sat on the couch to watch Mickey Mouse.  G-Man patted the couch next to him and said "Mommy, sit me!"

I have a feeling there will more entertainment to come!

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