Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Milestone

3 years ago today my husband and I were faced with the terrifying awareness that I either undergo a surgery in Cincinnati to correct TTTS (twin to twin transfusion) in our boys or face the ultimate likelihood that we would lose them both.  For my poor husband that is terrified of hospitals, the thought of his wife and unborn children undergoing any kind of surgery was eating at him.  For me, I could not imagine doing everything I could to give our boys a chance to be born living into this world.  For my sweet mother, who came to support all of us, I know how worried she was, yet she was the ultimate pillar of strength and support for us both.

3 years ago 2 fabulous and caring doctors and many nurses and support staff gave my boys a chance.  They severed 6 shared veins in their placenta and took almost 2 liters of fluid out of our baby a's sac.  If both boys adjusted to the change, we had a chance of bringing them both home.  The odds were good for that, but you never know.  Frankly, I wasn't counting on the odds since I had beaten the odds by becoming pregnant with identical twins AND getting TTTS. 

TTTS is real, it is fast, it is devastating.  While advances are being made to help, there are still many doctors that don't know enough about it to be the advocates my own doctors were for me.  Today I am thankful for the doctors that pioneered the laser surgery, those that tweaked treatment to give our unborn babies a better chance.  I am filled with gratitude towards the Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center.  To Dr. Jaekle and Dr. Crumblehome (whom my husband and I dubbed Crumbledore)(don't hate...embrace the geeky Harry Potter reference).  To the Radisson Cincinnati and their amazing staff who showed utmost compassion, kindness, and customer service to us.  To Mary with the TTTS Foundation.  To my high risk doctor and my MFM doctor.  Of course, to all of my family, friends, and strangers for support.  Mostly to God, who in our struggle taught me to trust and rely in Him, and He carried us all throughout.


  1. So happy for you and God bless your precious sons. Thank you for all your support and for continuing to increase awareness and help other families in crisis.


    With love from my heart,
    The TTTS Foundation

  2. I remember it well, my darling. You are such an inspiration to me. I am sure I aged 5 years in those 10 days, but they were quickly erased with the birth of our little miracles. I love you to heaven and back!

  3. What a story! I can't imagine what you felt when you learned the news.

    I know exactly what you mean about odds. The older I get, the less comfort I find in stats!