Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puddles and Puddles oh my!

So....the whole anatomical awareness has been pretty funny.

Unfortunately it has expanded.  I "knew" I was going to pay for this.

The other day, the dudes found pride in being able to pull down their own pants without my assistance.  Be it for bath time, bed time, diaper change time, or practice potty time, they like to do it by themselves.  Cool.  I am all for independence.

I enjoy the gleeful shrieks of  "I DID IT!" reverberating around the house (because they have zero clue of an inside voice).  I love seeing the pride in their face, the sense of accomplishment they brandish so well.

The other morning I heard them chattering and went to get them up out of bed.  Both boys were standing in their respective cribs sans pants and diapers.  I was certainly not prepared to see my little men naked from the waist down and asked them, "Where are your diapers?"

I got a garbled response, "gibberish gibberish on the floor, gibberish, it's yucky!"
Ok.  If they think wet morning diapers are yucky, maybe we are ready for potty training.  I was cool with that.  Of course, then I was greeted by a loud and rousing shriek of "It's MY penis, my Penis!" from both boys.  Fantastic. We went on with our day and I thought nothing of it.

When I went in to get them from nap time, it happened.  Two naked little butts up in the air, diapers on the floor, and a giant swamp of urine in the cribs.  And they didn't even wake from the wetness.  Gross.Both boys obviously got baths while mattress protectors and sheets went in the laundry.  Little did I know bed time would bring a similar incident.

Not exactly sure how to keep the diapers on, because I can't handle all of this laundry?  They sell decorative duct tape, right?

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  1. Too funny! My son had a habit of taking his diaper off and flinging it across the room. Super gross, yes. I switched him to pull ups and started potty training.