Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long Day and my BIG Boy!

Back in March, E-Dude got sick and had several atypical febrile seizures.  The neurologist at the time recommended we bring him in to get an EEG with the possibility of an MRI to rule out potential underlying causes to the seizures.  Febrile seizures are not uncommon by themselves, but multiple seizures in a short period, and the fact that they were not what one would typically consider a seizure is uncommon.

After weeks months of going back and forth with Children's about the 'orders' for his EEG we finally got him in today. First off, I had to 'sleep deprive' him so he would nap.  That translated to waking him up at 5:30 and keeping him awake.  It was good snuggling time, so I cant really complain.

It was strange to drop G-Man off at daycare without his brother, even stranger to only have my E-Dude in the car.  He and I talked the whole way to the hospital.  I figured if I prepared him for what was going on he might be more relaxed about it. I told him we were going to the hospital to see the doctor.  The doctor was going to put stickers on his head that would talk to his brain. And it was called an EEG.  I had him repeat EEG and yes, we also said the technical term. :)

He was a bit apprehensive of the vastness of the hospital, but mommy and daddy snuggles kept that under control.  The technician guided us through the steps he would take and E-Dude sat perfectly still while he got his head markered and stickered.  He got a little scared after his head was wrapped, but that was right about the time for mom to crawl into bed with him and hope he would take a nap so his brain could be properly mapped. 

Amazingly, he conked out quickly and didn't get upset until we were finished with the test.  The combination of grogginess and uncertainty got to him and he clung to my neck.  I remarked to my husband that I knew what E-Dude's stuffed bear must feel like with the little death grip holding on tightly.

We won't get results for a week, but I am so proud of my little guy.  Amazed at his resilience and strength.  I am glad we got him in for testing and hope that it is smooth sailing on this front.


  1. I remember Drew getting an EEG for possible seizures when he was just a few months old. Thank goodness it turned out to be reflux causing the "abnormal" behavior.

    Praying that you get an equally (or even better) benign diagnosis!

    1. His results came back normal :) Which technically doesn't mean he couldn't develop epilepsy or have an underlying cause, but we are happy!