Thursday, August 23, 2012

Genetically Identical- but Their Own People

It always amazes me to watch the boys develop their own unique personalities.  They came from the same exact genetic makeup, but are completely different people. 

G-Man takes risks.  He is bold and a bit fearless.  E-Dude is MUCH more cautious.  You can almost see him evaluating his options and make a decision. 

I love watching them in new situations to see what they will do.  One of their little friends had a party at a local 'water park.' There were water slides, a lazy river, and a kid area designed for smaller little ones.  E-Dude initially clung to me like a spider monkey, and wouldn't get down until he saw his brother splashing in the water.  E-Dude found a rope ladder and began climbing up a structure that housed 2 slides and some splashing areas. 

Once up there, G-Man took charge and shot down the smaller of the two slides, with E-Dude right behind.  Then came the challenge.  A bigger slide with a turn and rushing water.  E-Dude went down fist and came out of the half tube in tears.  G-Man came down with giant laughs and rushed to do it again.

Over and over they would both run up and G-Man would slide down, leaving E-Dude to happily splash about.  G-Man got even more brave and practiced his kicking and scooping trying to swim.  E-Dude enjoyed practicing his kicks, but spent quite a bit of time snuggled up with mom or dad.

How I love watching them become the people God has created them to be. 


  1. I love the differences! Such cuties!

  2. Miracles is what they are :-)

    I just read an interesting article in National Geographic about the study of identical twins. You might want to check it out.