Monday, December 3, 2012

When life takes over!

So sorry I have been absent, my bloggy friends.  Work has been particularly brutal this year, combined with training for a marathon= one tired mommy!

Since the boys are now 3,  we feel it is important to teach as much about Jesus as possible-since it is so easy for Him to get lost in the glare of holiday lights and Christmas music.  We are starting Advent with colds and fevers, but by golly, here we go!

We do have an Elf on The Shelf (I know, I know), but the boys have a blast finding our elf, "Truck Trash." (Garbage day + Elf arrival day = trashy name, lol).  At some point, the Elf is going to bring them an ornament of Santa kneeling before the Nativity to remind the boys that even Santa kneels before God (borrowed this idea from my awesome friend!).  We are also reading scripture and talking about Jesus' birthday.

They have been running around the house yelling "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

Because that is what it is about!

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  1. Your blog today made me smile. You and Randy are giving your boys such a wonderful gift! Miss you guys bunches!!