Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is TMI-You have been warned!

Totally repeating this from a post I made on a message board this morning.  Because it speaks volumes.

I am not equipped to deal with vomit.

Or liquid excrement. Or both at the same time. At 3am.

G-Man was crying and I went to check on him. The smell in their room was awful, so I picked him up and was immediately covered in the blowout from his backside. Hosed him down, changed him, sat him on the floor and started to change his sheets when he starts crying again. I look at the tiny blob of yuck on his pants and realize what it is just in time to grab a couple of wipes to hold in front of him. But of course..there is a child barfing into my hand.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a phobia of vomit? True story-My mom used to watch kids out of our home.  One day, a little boy was crying so much my mom asked me to get him a tissue.  I made the mistake of reaching in front of him to give the tissue when it happened.  Bright red, chunky Kool Aid vomit covering my hand.  9 year old me was traumatized for life.

And of course, G-Man is scared and crying and I am trying to comfort him, which ultimately sounds like me trying to comfort myself. So that I don't start to cry, or barf, or both.

And DH stumbles in half awake to immediately cover up his nose with his shirt, and he starts to gag, so I have to send him away to deal with all of it.

And E-Dude slept through it all.

I forgot to mention that I had also taken off my feces covered shirt, so I was running around topless and catching vomit. So half awake Randy wanted to know why I was wearing no shirt when I asked him to bring me one, to which I yelled "There.was.poop.Everywhere."  And to anyone shaking their head at my brazen lack of modesty in front of my children I can assure you that when you are covered in feces and vomit in the middle of the night modesty is the absolute last thing on your mind.  Well behind the desire to wash the entire house down with bleach.

The amazing thing?  As I lamented the issue this morning while drinking my cup of coffee, I did remember to thank God for a day home from work with my sweet and cuddly boys.  It doesn't change the gross.  It doesn't make going back to work tomorrow easier, but it does give me pause to breathe and enjoy.

And open the windows..because it smells AWFUL in here.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Because it is so true.  Especially today.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

May the Force be With You

At Christmas we were inundated with multiple viewings of "A Christmas Story."  I almost went insane, but I loved watching the dudes enjoy it so much.

When Christmas was finished though we needed a new movie, pronto.  I took a chance and threw Star Wars into the DVD player.


DH and I are total Star Wars geeks.  In fact, the boys got the Star Wars ABC book their first Christmas.  DH has been waiting for the day the dudes would be old enough to start to enjoy the Star Wars universe.

His wait it over.

So over.

Be careful what you wish for!  The boys wake up asking for Star  Wars.  They get home from school asking to see it.  They are full on Star wars junkies.  We play "Stormtroopers" with their ball shooting guns, they pretend to be Jawas.  They throw toys into the bath water and yell "Luke!  Where is he?"  WE cheer for Darth Vadar and "OKenobi," and of course they love Princess Leia and R2D2.

The other day, when DH wasn't feeling well, we put on Star Wars.  Each boy climbed on the couch and flanked their daddy, one on each side.  DH looked from side to side with a huge childlike grin on his tired face.  "This is all I've ever wanted."

Little moments.  Big Joy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year New Food Choices

Ahh, you have to love New Year's.  Resolutions, promises, dreams.   And because we are human, most of them fall by the wayside around February. Our Christmas season was great.  The boys fully loved every minute of it, and I had a blast watching them become aware of all the awesomeness of the holidays.

Christmas lights-They went nuts.  We had to drive around the neighborhood every night after I picked them up from daycare to see lights.

Christmas Tree- Lights had to be on. At. All. Waking. Times.

Creepy Elf- Check.  The boys loved looking for Truck Trash everyday. (Yes, there is a story there and it involves a fondness for trash pick up)

A Christmas Story-You know that one.

Church- They loved Christmas Eve service and watching everyone sing.

Christmas Eve: Happy Birthday Jesus Party and Tracking Santa!

Christmas Day- PRESENTS!  And the fun of friends and family over for dinner.

This is the first year they really *got* it, and I didn't take the time to blog about it, because frankly, I wanted to enjoy it and live the moments. I loved watching the magic of the holiday season through their eyes.  Where everything is fascinating, everything is cool, everything is wondrous.  If only we could always have Faith like a child!

Once again, I digress.  It is 2013 after all.  DH wants to lose weight, eat better, exercise more.  Now that I got a full marathon out of the way, I want to keep running, eat better, and enjoy my family.  But I am really wigged out by food.  I have been the high fructose corn syrup crazy around here for the last year.  I am also against extra sugar and dyes...but then I get lazy.  And the kids get junk.  And I hate it.

I see the way my high school students eat. They eat all the time.  Except that it is all crap.  Candy, chips, energy drinks, gatorade.  Then they eat all of the worst possible food the cafeteria has to offer.  And they are still hungry.

I don't want that for my kids.  To be hungry all the time because they are eating fillers not really intended to satiate them.  But that means I have to change.  DH has to change.  WE have to change. 

And I found this awesome website:100daysofrealfood.  This family has changed the way they even look at food-she has recipes, a few meal plans, and a bunch of baby steps to get you started.  We are going cold-ish turkey and diving right in.  I hope it is okay if I write about this journey as well.  Since the boys are fairly picky about what they eat, I am both excited and anxious to see what this does for their appetite.

Breath held, nose plugged, diving in.

Hope the water isn't freezing!