Saturday, January 19, 2013

May the Force be With You

At Christmas we were inundated with multiple viewings of "A Christmas Story."  I almost went insane, but I loved watching the dudes enjoy it so much.

When Christmas was finished though we needed a new movie, pronto.  I took a chance and threw Star Wars into the DVD player.


DH and I are total Star Wars geeks.  In fact, the boys got the Star Wars ABC book their first Christmas.  DH has been waiting for the day the dudes would be old enough to start to enjoy the Star Wars universe.

His wait it over.

So over.

Be careful what you wish for!  The boys wake up asking for Star  Wars.  They get home from school asking to see it.  They are full on Star wars junkies.  We play "Stormtroopers" with their ball shooting guns, they pretend to be Jawas.  They throw toys into the bath water and yell "Luke!  Where is he?"  WE cheer for Darth Vadar and "OKenobi," and of course they love Princess Leia and R2D2.

The other day, when DH wasn't feeling well, we put on Star Wars.  Each boy climbed on the couch and flanked their daddy, one on each side.  DH looked from side to side with a huge childlike grin on his tired face.  "This is all I've ever wanted."

Little moments.  Big Joy.

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