Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grace Before The Caffeine Kicks In

The dudes are not morning people.  That must come from their grumpy when deprived of sleep mother their dad. 

If you are a parent you realize there is a point that your normal morning routine becomes painfully long.  You know...when the kids won't get up, cry getting dressed, refuse to pee on the potty, scream.  Loads of fun.

This week has been particularly challenging.  Especially with the sitting on the toilet for 10 minutes before finally going.  Each day my ability to get out the door and get to work on time has been diminished.  Each day, one or both boys goes full on dramatic while still in the limbo of sleepiness and wakefulness.

Today G-Man got the joy of being first up to dress.  And he sat quietly while I tried to get his brother to follow suit.  Cue the very loud shout of "NO!"  E-dude is becoming particularly fond of getting just the right amount of sass on the word no.  He must have studied that somewhere.  Seriously.

And of course when Mommy wouldn't budge, and he had to sit on the toilet when he didn't want to, the wailing tears came out in force.  G-Man, always sensitive to the feelings of others tried to comfort him, "It's okay brother!"

To which E-Dude responded with his brilliant rendition of "NO!"

And little G-Mans face squished up in sadness, in rejection.  His brother and best friend wanted nothing to do with the soothing he was trying to give.  And in his own tired state it hurt him greatly.

So I put my hands on either side of G-Man's little face and tilted his head upward.  I whispered , "You are so sweet, and loving, and thoughtful.  You stand up for others and you care when they are hurt.  You know what?  I think you are amazing and I love you SO much.  And guess what?  God created you this way and He loves you even more.  Do you understand?"

A little nod, the hint of a smile, and a gigantic hug.  Words.  So powerful.  Even in seemingly mundane moments.  How can we use our words to build others up today?

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