Monday, June 17, 2013

Face Time Fails and Preschoolers

Picture a Sunday morning.  After a late night for the family before the house remains quiet until just before 8am-a joyous victory given the normal 7 am wake up call.  Picture rolling over and getting a chance to snuggle with your husband for a few precious moments as you both listen to the giggles of your sons as they wake up for the day.

Now imagine the little voices traveling into the living room, where their Leap Pads sit on the table waiting to be played.  Sometimes, the dudes will choose Leap Pad time in the morning, giving mom and dad a few minutes to wake themselves up.

Still cuddled with your husband, imagine hearing the vibration of your phone. If you are anything like me, a phone ringing that early in the morning is either an emergency or a wrong number.  Knowing my grandmother had been ill with a virus earlier in the week caused me to leap from my warm spot to grab the phone on the floor.

And I looked at it with my tired, non corrected eyes.  Apparently my husband was attempting to Face Time me.  Except as you recall he was still in bed.

The only other device in the house that would 'call' me besides my husband's phone was the Ipad.


I  answered the FaceTime request, which rewarded me with a blank screen-indicating that my clever boy was already engrossed in another App.

"Hello?"  I asked.

"Who's this?"  G-man's voice answered in return.

"What do you mean who is this, who are you?' My husband chimes in, an impish grin painted across his face.

"Daddy, what are you doing"
"What are YOU doing G-Man?  You called us."

"Oh...sorry...sorry guys."

Of course DH and I dissolved into belly laughs at the sound of our G-Man saying "sorry guys." A casual, but surprisingly funny statement that time of day.

And just a minute later came the text from my mom "Did you just try to Face Time me using a different number?"

"That would be your grandchildren with the Ipad."

I wonder who else got an early morning call?