Monday, February 3, 2014

Why I didn't like the Superbowl Coke Commercial (It isn't what you think!)

Apparently there is a giant uproar over the Coke Commercial featuring the song "America the Beautiful".  And while I have no desire to wade waist deep into those shenanigans, I will admit my particular discomfort with above mentioned commercial.

Deep breath.

Confession:  I need continuity, symmetry, and sameness.  Our society jokingly refers to a bunch of traits as OCD, but I am working on not doing that.  Because people that actually suffer from OCD face a debilitating problem and I don't want to make light of their issues.

But I do have some routines, needs, and quirks.  Like Sheldon Cooper's need to knock on Penny's door 3 times with a specific knock pattern?  I get that.  Especially if it gets interrupted. If I see someone with a tag sticking out of the top of their shirt it actually bothers me.  I cannot focus on anything other than that tag-which usually prompts me to tell an absolute stranger that their tag is out and make me deal with a different kind anxiety.

So back to the commercial.  The switching to a variety of languages did not offend my sensibility of English or Americanism, but it DID mess with my need of continuity.

Seriously, Coke.  I listen to twin four year olds that chatter about different subjects at the exact same time such that my brain cannot process the activity I am trying to complete.  Why, why, why, would you break up a song into a cacophony of sounds without continuity?  I don't care what language you use, just please use one and keep it constant!  (Actually producing the commercial in its entirety in each language would be a kind of cool comment on our country's diversity.)

When lyrics to a song switch into different languages, each with their own cadence and flow, it MESSES with my poor befuddled mommy brain and I can't process it.  Mostly because I have small people that don't understand Mommy's need for brain processing time and the simple ritual of watching overpriced commercials is normally enjoyable for me.  A simple thought decompression time, if you will.

And darn you Coke, you ruined it!  I appreciate you making a broad social commentary, but please don't forget the fatigue ridden moms with quirky issues.  We need caffeine in the form of Diet Coke, too. ;)