Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reboot of Sorts

Happy New Years Eve!  I hope you are here, that you join, that you stay and prod me to keep up!

Obligatory Resolution post of course :)

Except I hate those things.  Well...not really hate so much as find them problematic.  So here are some hopes I have for the new year.

Blog more- Under the ideas of "Pray, Play, Makeup, Hooray!  Come What May!"

        What does it mean?  Pray- anything prayer related, God related, worship related, praise related.

Come Join me on Facebook-  TwinSane Asylum

  • Play- Mostly twin antics :)

  • Makeup- I am cosmetically challenged but am learning.  Join the goofy journey with me (full disclosure, I am a Younique presenter and will lovingly refer to my products as well as anything else my product gypsy heart finds)

  • Hooray!  Praises, laughter, fun, kind of a hodgepdge

  • Come What May- Again, a hodgepodge- concerns, hopes, problems, support.
Be Grateful More
Workout More to keep up with these crazy kids
Play More
Eat better
Serve More
Love More
Give More

Follow Him More

What are your hopes this year?  How can I Pray for you?  Welcome back :)

1 comment:

  1. My hopes mirror yours quite closely, guess that is why you are my daughter! Love you bunches! Happy New Year